Station►Connect™ provides a single software platform for managing content on all AAD’s digital signage, including InfoCenter™, ICONS™ and other products. Through its intuitive web-based interface, Station►Connect™ gives you a comprehensive, multi-user, multi-role system for effectively managing complex digital signage environments without the hassle or per-seat costs of client-based systems.

Features and Functionality:


— Complete signage inventory and management

— Peak-in capability to see what a sign is displaying

— Proactive maintenance and monitoring to ensure signs are ‘healthy;’ proactive notifications when they are not

— Multi-user, multi-role environment allowing different departments to access and change their piece of digital signage.  Controls in place to ensure key functionality is locked down and only changed by personnel with the appropriate permissions


— Multimedia content management including images, text, audio, video and synchronized audio / video

— The ability to handle any and all languages and to populate displays based on packs which require one change to update any associated layouts

— Special application functionality such as route, vehicle and station management for APM environments

— Schedule and track advertising and PSAs

Flexible, Cost-effective, Secure Technology

— Can run in customer Linux VM environment or on AAD-provided hardware, typically behind customer firewall

— No client software required (or associated per-seat license fees)

— Security engineered into design