Advanced Application Design, Inc.




Introducing InfoRing™ the first fully circular digital sign from Advanced Application Design. InfoRing™ utilizes a 23.5 inch diameter native round TFT LCD display with an ultra-bright high efficiency backlight. Capture your customers attention with high resolution graphics, animations, and multi-lingual text in a round footprint that is sure to impress.


InfoRing™ is equipped with an optional RGB LED light ring around the display’s edge, capable of displaying both solid colors and flashing or rotating patterns. Synchronize LED’s with display content to capture attention and reinforce important messages.



InfoRing™ features an embedded computing platform which enables faster deployment and easy installation. InfoRing™ connects to standard 120VAC service for power and supports both Ethernet or WiFi for data. InfoRing™ can be installed in any orientation, and supports mounting to a variety of surfaces and structures including ceiling beams, wallboards, and structural tubing.


InfoRing™ is designed for around-the-clock operation with 100,000 hour MTBF rating on the displays and computing components. An optional ruggedized enclosure enables InfoRing™ to operate outdoors in all weather conditions. The 1000 Nits backlight ensures the display remains readable even in direct sunlight.




Watch the InfoRing™ Concepts video below to see InfoRing™ in action


Managing InfoRing™ content is quick and easy with the infoctl content management platform.

Embedded within each InfoRing™ device, infoctl gives you the ability to manage content directly out of the box from any web browser. infoctl is built from the ground up to support round displays. infoctl features:

• Place and adjust graphic content such as images, videos, and multi-lingual text

• Preview final layouts exactly as they appear on InfoRing™

• Both timer and calender-based content scheduling

• Automatic orientation and centering

Download the InfoRing™ product brochure to learn more about InfoRing™: Download Product Sheet